Company Departments

The management of NESTIA consists of executives with many years of experience in the field of dough and food and at the same time academic background in the field of business.

Knowing that success is a team effort and effort recognizes that the people of NESTIA are the heart of the company and care about each individual.

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing department of NESTIA PC consists of executives who research and evaluate products and collaborations in Greece and abroad with the aim of selecting separate raw materials based on the company’s values and the needs of its customers.


The department consists of suitably trained people per area as it is a responsible and in special circumstances work. With responsibility and observance of the protocols, they receive the goods but also carry out the loading procedures of the orders to be delivered.

Sales department

The department is fully informed about the company’s products and is able to cover all technical issues that arise during contacts with customers, either directly or indirectly, with the support of the other departments involved. The experienced team of the department takes care of the organization of the orders from the receipt to the sending, planning the exact delivery time of the products to the customer.

Technical department

The company’s technicians supervise the correct operation of the production equipment but also of all the equipment that the factory has. Among other things, they shoulder the receipt, the responsible test, the correct adjustment as well as the immediate response in case of failure.

Department of Quality Control and Quality Assurance

The company’s food technologists monitor and evaluate both the raw materials and the product throughout the production process in order to produce and dispose of safe and quality products, complying with applicable national and EU legislation.

The Quality Control department of NESTIA IKE, being staffed by well-trained staff and equipped with modern equipment, has the ability in addition to the prescribed daily control of production and products to conduct research on the Health and Safety System and to effectively support the Research Department and Development of the Company.

Department of research and development [R&D]

One of the most dynamic parts of the company is that of Research and Development (R&D) in order not only to develop new products but also to improve existing ones to always meet the needs of customers and at the same time the relevant Legislation and goals of the company. The subject of the department is also the research for new suitable raw materials, new technologies, methods and processes in order to improve the production process in collaboration with the other competent departments.

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