Our company has 3 distribution centers in Athens, Larissa and Ioannina which serve local distribution centers and thousands of points of sale throughout Greece.

The distribution center of Athens serves the Attica Basin, the Peloponnese and the islands of the southern Aegean,

the distribution center of Larissa serves Thessaly Thessaly and the Aegean islands,

while the distribution center of Ioannina serves the Ionian Sea and areas of central Greece.


The factory of NESTIA is located in a space of 18,500 sq.m. in the Industrial area of ​​Serres, consisted of a 5,700 sq.m. production area with 3 production lines and a 2-floor building where the administration is housed.

Strict hygiene rules as set by the European Union and the high quality assurance standards ISO22000, BRC and IFS are observed at all stages of the production process. 

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